The use of cashback, along with discounts, credits, promotions and other ways to save
Dynamic pricing, depending on various factors, has a positive effect on sales and the
Google Docs is good and convenient for writing and collaborating on texts. But if
Collaborations with bloggers are a powerful marketing tool. Let’s try to figure out what
A successful integration with a blogger can bring the brand a serious benefit. Forty-eight
The best china value-for-money smartphones
Still ridiculed a few years ago, smartphones from China are now competing seriously with
Indestructible iphone
iPhones have long had the reputation of being almost indestructible. They are completely unimpressed
Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone (1)
A deep chasm runs between the universe of Apple’s smartphone operating system iOS and
How to Reset Alexa devices
Whether you want to fix a software bug or sell your Amazon Echo, you
phone no longer charges
Your cell phone no longer charges? When the battery goes on strike, there can
The Finnish company Nokia was once known for its rubber boots – and for
Running a cell phone with two SIM cards can be quite convenient, however, many
What makes a good cell phone for seniors
Do you know this? You try in vain to reach your (grand)parents because they
Telephoning with a handicap
Tiny keys, low-contrast display, countless apps – people with weak eyes, ears or fingers
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