Apple Invests in Displays Again: Will iPhones be Indestructible?

iPhones have long had the reputation of being almost indestructible. They are completely unimpressed by falls from great heights – especially the display. Apple is now investing a horrendous sum in the development of its robust screens.

As part of its “Advanced Manufacturing Fund,” Apple announced further investments in Ceramic Shield on May 10. Around 45 million US dollars, the equivalent of around 37 million euros, will flow into the Corning company. The company has been supplying Apple with precision glass for their iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads for years. The Kentucky-based glass specialists are also responsible for the newly installed Ceramic Shield in the iPhone 12 series.

Ceramic Shield 2.0

Previous investments of around $450 million have already helped the company drive the development of Ceramic Shield glass. Over several years of collaboration, Corning has been able to produce increasingly robust displays for Apple products. With the newly invested sum, Apple is giving Corning a sufficiently high budget to develop Ceramic Shield 2.0.

Displays should be scratch-resistant

The previous Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12 is already said to be four times more robust than the Gorilla Glass 6 of the iPhone 11. In terms of drop damage, it has been able to improve greatly. The Ceramic Shield’s scratch resistance, on the other hand, could use a small upgrade. That a scratch-protected display is particularly important to Apple can also be seen in the words of Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams.

By the way, the first iPhone was originally supposed to have a plastic screen. However, Steve Jobs noticed that they scratched far too easily in everyday use. Apple then teamed up with Corning, which was working on durable displays. Together, they developed the first iPhone glass to the most current Ceramic Shield.

Survivor iPhone

On the web you can find numerous articles about the most curious cases in which iPhones have survived. They fall out of helicopters, find themselves in a frozen lake for a month or get lost in the washing machine. Other Apple products make similar headlines. It is therefore no wonder that the brand stands for exceptionally high longevity.

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